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Trike Carriers

The easy way to travel and take your trike with you; the Davert Trike Carrier by Collier Technologies.

Quality designed by the engineers at Collier Technologies. These carriers have been tested for durability. You can find these results on the Durability page. Easy to assemble and hook up to your vehicle hitch receiver; the kit comes complete with assembly instructions.


Recumbent Carrier     Trike Carrier

We have developed versions of the trike carrier to support a 30” - 50” wheel base and a 40” - 70” wheel base

Easy to assemble and install

Bright color assures easy visibility

Trike carrier assembly is adjustable for weight balance

All three wheel cradles are independently adjustable to accommodate a variety of wheel bases and wheel tracks

Each wheel is locked down securely with safety retainers

Trike carrier assembly is reversible for more consumer convenience

Additional hidden safety features have been incorporated into the design of the adjustable wheel cradles. In the event that the locking bolts are not properly secured, the wheel cradles will remain in the assembly

The Hitch assembly is available for 1 1/4” and 2” receiver adaptors


Trike Carrier Pieces       Assembling Trike Carrier

Assembling Trike Carrier       Trike Carrier Wheel Straps

Trailer Hitch     Recumbent Trike Carrier

Kit contents:
Trike Carrier Pieces

Trike Model Wheel Base Receiver Size Carrier Weight Max. Load
TC001 30"- 50" 1.25" sq. 23 lbs 65 lbs
TC002 30"- 50" 2" sq. 23.5 lbs 65 lbs
TC003 40"- 70" 1.25" sq. 26.5 lbs 65 lbs
TC004 40"- 70" 2" sq. 27 lbs 65 lbs

All models of the trike carrier are $329 US each.

If you are interested in purchasing a carrier, or have any additional questions, please contact us.